For this Throwback Thursday I found out one of the indie films I did years ago is now available on AMAZON.COM
This was quite a challenging role for me and a first to dress as a woman! Rent it at AMAZON.COM to see me as Jessica, a cross-dressing prostitute who turns tricks to support his mother!


Short film GOOD ART by Nicole Danser premiered this past weekend at Emerge Film Festival!
Here is my scene.


Tove Lo’s latest music video “Timebomb” which I was honored to be in. Her video has such a beautiful message and I was honored to be able to work with her and director Emil Nava.


It has been an amazing couple months and I’m so excited to fill you in on my recent endeavors! Anyone who knows me is aware that after a two year hiatus to learn more about myself and grow as a person, I’ve decided to go head strong back to my craft and passion for acting. Pilot season was awesome and full of auditions and I feel so honored to have been considered amongst such great actors. Unfortunately I did not book a series regular on a major pilot this year, but I have booked a few jobs that I am very proud of! First I got to shoot Tove Lo’s upcoming new music video TIMEBOMB, as well booked as a small role in a film that I’m looking forward to shooting next month. Last week I had the honor of working on MTV’s hit show AWKWARD as a Co-Star for Season 5! So look out for me in that halloween episode.

But most importantly I want to share with you my passion project, a suspense thriller web series that I have created! Because we are actors, creative individuals, so why not create!? CATALYST Series is my first project that I am writing, directing and starring in. When a group of friends decide to venture out into the woods to shoot a horror film, one of them ends up dead. But its not long before we learn the victims death was no accident. How well do you know your friends?

Casting was grueling but so fun and an experience I will never forget. We auditioned about three hundred actors for the roles in this series and have found gems of hollywood! This is a project I know you’ll love!

CATALYST Series: An aspiring filmmaker and social outcast, Max Montgomery (Terrence Edmonds), gains popularity when creating his entry film for college. But when a horrible freak accident on set claims the life of Queen Bee Julie Bordner (Monique Gelinaeu), Max and his friends quickly realize their friend’s death was no accident. Out of fear they decide to pretend it never happened. But secrets have a way of getting out. Now someone is taking on the persona of Max’s fictional Ventriloquist killer to make them pay for their sins. Could it be Madison Sinclair (Bianca Magick), the girl who takes Julie’s place in the social hierarchy? Bradley Roster (Zach Gillette), the emotionally unattached boyfriend? Or possibly famous actor Austin Gideon (Vince Hill-Bedford), Max’s secret gay lover? Max must solve the mystery of who is to blame before he’s set up to take the fall. How well do you know your friends? Murder knocks out the competition in this high tension, suspense thriller.
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Signed on that dotted line.

With pilot season around the corner I’ve been wanting to take a new approach to my career. A fresh start if you will. So I’ve been setting goals and accomplishing the changes that need to take place for the new year. One of them being my representation. After a month of meeting with different agents from some of the top agencies in Los Angeles, I have finally made a decision from the many offers I so graciously had. I knew I needed someone I felt comfortable with, who was not only experienced, but would also fight for me. Thankfully I believe I have found the perfect man to join my team. Today I signed with Peter from BMG Talent and I know that together, my team will be a force to be reckoned with!

So raise a glass and toast with me for a new chapter in this book! A new year with new business relationships and new opportunities!

Love is Art.

Just met casting director Tiffany Persons from Tiffany Company Casting for a MAJOR fast food commercial audition! Another audition that went super well, but i’m sure it had a lot to do with the fact that Tiffany is such an amazing kind hearted individual. So kind that that she even gave me her personal phone number because she’d like to help me turn one of my art pieces into t-shirts. It is so rare these days to find someone willing to help others, especially when they won’t be reaping any benefits.

In this audition I was able to express my love for art and show some of my work. I am extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity and welcome any future endeavors with open arms!

Director’s Session.

Can anyone else can relate to how amazing it feels to walk out of an audition and know you gave a solid performance, I describe that feeling as an audition HIGH! Never can get enough of that feeling, sets the tone for the rest of the day and just makes me feel so good.
Remember to follow your heart. Make those dreams reality and as long as you do everything with love and respect, the universe will respond in kind. -Terrence 12.1.2014

Watch Major Crimes!

Don’t forget to tune in to MAJOR CRIMES this Monday night on TNT for my latest co-star role as an East LA Gangster named Juan Carlos Diaz. I loved working on this set and fulfilled another entry on my bucket list: #37 Perform my own TV/Film stunt.

Thank you everyone for your support. It truly means the world to me!

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